Dear Cook Inlet Native Head Start Families and Staff

Dear Cook Inlet Native Head Start Families and Staff,


It is with great honor and concern that I am addressing all of you. We should all be aware, at this point, of how widespread COVID-19 infections are in the community of Anchorage. We only need to look at our hospitals and the desperate calls of our health professionals to get our municipal and state leaders to help mitigate the spread of disease. Our hospitals are at or nearing capacity. We must help.


I know that this past year was extremely difficult as programs and businesses were closed to activity. And again, this year, closures and quarantining have caused tremendous strain on our working families. As last spring approached, it looked as though our COVID numbers were going down. This brought great hope to our staff. We all wanted our classrooms filled with the laughter of children again. We all wanted to have those large traditional family events again.


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Delta variant has caused Cook Inlet Native Head Start (CINHS) to initiate a stricter mitigation plan. This concern for the health and safety of our children, families and staff was initiated by the Board of Directors. The current mitigation plan implemented at CINHS is in direct correlation with the COVID-19 Guidance for Operating Early Care and Education/Child Care Programs. This guidance is directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Please understand that we will continue to implement these and possibly other measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Current levels of mitigation at CINHS will change based upon community alert levels, and COVID-19 infections and exposures within CINHS, and/or on the order of the CDC.


We understand that this is an issue, especially for working families, and for the continuity of a child’s education. Please realize that CINHS will not always be in alignment with the local school district, and at times, mitigation protocols will be different. This is because we are two separate entities that partner to serve our children. CINHS staff asks all to remember that these strict protocols have been put into place to keep our children, families, and staff safe from the ravages of this pandemic. Please respect each other as we work our way through these trying times.
May you and your loved ones be in good health.


Ukudigaasada (BE Healthy/Be Safe)


Qanglaa}i{ Ethan A. Petticrew,


Executive Director, Cook Inlet Native Head Start