Dear CINHS Families and Staff

Spraaznikum! Happy Holidays!


Dear Families and Staff,


CINHS wishes all of you a safe and healthy holiday season.


It is a long standing tradition for Native people to celebrate during this time of year. In many of our tribal nations this time of year is referred to as the “Time of Drumming”. It is a time that our ancestors celebrated with potlatches and dancing. It was a time to tell stories, to share in all that we have, and to spread cheer and greetings from one house to the next, and from one village to the other. During our periods of colonization, our people managed to carry on these traditions, even blending our ancient traditions with those from other far-away places (e.g., Slaavix, Starring, Christmas Trees, etc.).


Today, we are faced with even more challenges to our traditions than we have ever lived through. This year, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are being encouraged to not gather as large extended families, as communities, and to not celebrate as we have done for time immemorial.  Therefore, it is vital that we pass our traditions on within our families. We must, at least, speak to our children, and tell them how we normally celebrate during this time.  Remind them that soon we will be able to return to a more normalized way of living. We all hope that next year’s holiday season is one that we can do all those things that we are so accustomed to doing.


CINHS is concerned about the spread of COVID-19 within our community. Due to the rate of infection and uncontrolled spread within Anchorage, CINHS will continue to provide food/supplies and virtual educational programming to enrolled children and families. Our holiday break spans from December 21, 2020 – January 12, 2021. During the week of January 12th, staff will resume with remote services, and CINHS management will review the viral spread, and make a determination on continued closure or on site classes. Any return to school, as normal, will be based off of the ability to mitigate the spread of the virus among staff and students. Health and safety remain top priorities with Head Start programs.


Happy Holidays