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The Cook Inlet Native Head Start Curriculum

“The Way We See”

“The Way We See” Curriculum is a systematic guide of planned activities designed to build experiences, skills, and attitudes that prepare each child for kindergarten. The curriculum is research-based,* rubric driven, observation assessed, and draws upon learning and child development principles that are delivered through the utilization and focus upon Alaskan Native values and cultural enrichment.** The curriculum is administered in a child centered environment which is play based and stresses the individual development of social/emotional, physical, and school readiness skills.



* Research sources: Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages Birth to Five;
the Alaskan State Early Learning Guidelines; and
national “Best Practices” research studies on early childhood learning with a focus on
pre-kindergarten learning: social/emotional development, language development, cognitive
development, and motor and physical development.

** Values and Cultural sources: Alaskan Native Values for Curriculum;
Alaska Native Seasonal Cycles: A Cultural Curriculum Framework; and
early childhood learning and education research on Alaskan Natives and American Indians.