Policy Council Recruitment

Why Is There A Policy Council? 

Head Start Performance Standards require that every Head Start Program have a Parent Policy Council. In order for a Head Start program to continue to receive Federal Funding there must be an active Policy Council. 

What Is A Policy Council? 

The purpose of Policy Council (PC) is to provide a formal means for parents to be involved in Cook Inlet Native Head Start program planning and decision making. In partnership with the Cook Inlet Native Head Start Board of Directors and Cook Inlet Native Head Start staff, the PC has a vital leadership role as a representative of their program location. 

Who Participates On The Policy Council? 

PC membership consists of parent representatives that are elected by Cook Inlet Native Head Start parents at the beginning of the program year, and representatives from community agencies within the Cook Inlet Native Head Start service area who have been elected by the Policy Council. 

What Is The Role Of The PC Representative?  

  • The PC representative attends monthly PC meetings. 
  • The PC representative reviews, advises and participates in planning program goals and objectives, policies and procedures, program monitoring and program funding proposals. 
  • The PC representative receives training in program areas such as health, child development, special needs, nutrition, family services, advocacy and program governance.  
  • PC members may receive reimbursement for reasonable childcare and transportation costs connected with PC participation. 

How Do I Become A PC Representative? 

Submit the Policy Council candidate statement to Mollie Gilila @ mgilila@cinhs.net or drop it off in person at both locations. There is a limit of 5 parent representatives on the Policy Council. After all statements are collected there will be an election. Those voted in will be a part of the 2022-2023 CINHS Policy Council.  

Any questions please contact Mollie Gilila @ 907-433-1602 or mgilila@cinhs.net 



Policy Council Candidate Statement 2022-2023